Radar Sensors


Sivers IMA has years of extensive experiences from developing FMCW Radar Sensor front ends for measurement of distance, speed and position; level gauging, surveillance and security. Our solutions cover the radar frequency bands for industrial applications and three different base types can be chosen to best fit your application:

  • 10GHz
  • 24 GHz
  • 77 GHz

Measurement of distance, speed or position

Radar sensors, compared to laser beams, infrared light and ultra sound have the ability to measure with accuracy in dusty, smoky or foggy environments. Contrary to a laser beam, that only measure on a single spot, the FMCW radar provides an inherent averaging of the measured surface. With our radar solutions you can measure areas where speed, angle and distances, from a few centimeters to several hundred meters to an object, are needed.

Sivers IMA has extensive experience of providing solutions for hazardous locations, including explosion-proof, and intrinsically safe areas. Here are examples of applications where radar sensors are applied:

Storage and transportation in silos and tanks

transivers Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been converted to liquid form to facilitate storage and transportation. Special tank ships with four to six tanks are used to transport LNG. It’s important to control the gas and it’s behavior. Radar sensors are the most reliable and accurate way of measuring the gas level within the tanks.

Radar sensors are excellent for agricultural use, in silos where the farmer has a need to know the exact level of grain. A silo is dusty and grain creates a noisy environment. The radar sensor has the capacity to work right through the dust to give a picture of the whole area. Other useful applications are water level measurement in rivers and dams.

Radar will protect people and property

Safety is a concern around heavy cranes or where heavy machines are in motion. Building sites for example are critical working places where safety is a priority. Radar Sensors can keep track on dangerous lifts, moving cranes and vehicles to warn the workforce of imminent danger to avoid accidents. Radar sensors can be used to measure distance between moving cranes to avoid crane collision.

The sensor can also be used as a virtual fence and can be applied to Robots and autonomous vehicles for automatic stoppage if personnel are coming too close to a dangerous area.


Radar sensors will show with accuracy if an intruder has entered a secured area, for example a fenced industrial area or along a railroad track. The radar sensor will tell with precision where the intruder or the object is and how fast it is moving. The radar also detects movement instantly with a wide-angle beam. The angle, and thus the area coverage, can be designed by choice of an appropriate antenna.

Railroad safety applications

Radar works in any weather – fog, rain or even snow. The radar is not affected by dirt on the sensor; it will still operate with good performance to detect unwanted objects on or close to the track. A signal from the sensor can be used to make the train slow down or even stop to prevent accidents.

Road and traffic applications

Intelligent traffic measurement detectors will collect information such as number of vehicles or vehicle speed. Using the information in an effective way the public can be informed with alternative routes.

Sivers IMA Radar Developer Kit (RDK)

We are also just about to launch a Radar Developer Kit (RDK) to support our customers with their own development of new applications. It’s a smart kit aimed at end users and system integrators, packed with the radar hardware technology, including antenna and software that handles signals and presents easily interpreted data. We believe that the RDK in combination with our developer support will shorten the time to market for new applications.

Learn more about our RDK »

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If you are looking for a radar sensor solution that is not included on our website, please contact us. If our models or examples don’t exactly fit your needs, let’s discuss a custom solution. We have the expertise and would like to assist you in developing a Radar Sensor Solution that is suitable for your specific needs.

Application Notes

Download a basic overview of radar technology and how to use our 10 and 24 GHz modules here:

FMCW Radar App Note


ProductDescriptionFrequencyTentative documentation
RS3400X/00Radar Sensor10 GHzData sheet
RS3400K/00Radar Sensor24 GHzData sheet
RS3400W/04Radar Sensor77 GHzData sheet
CO1000A/00FMCW Power and Controller Board10 and 24 GHzData sheet
FMCWKITRadar Sensor Evaluation Kit24 GHzData sheet
RK1001/00Radar Development Kit24 GHzData sheet